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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance is a legal requirement in Minnesota. Given the spontaneity of hazards and perils, this coverage offers you peace of mind knowing that compensation is due if an insured event happens. Wiessner Inc writes auto insurance coverage options for those around Minnesota. Our coverage options are tailored to meet the state's minimum requirements and our client's insurance needs.

Wiessner Inc's Auto Insurance coverage options

Personal Injury coverage

This coverage option pays your medical expenses after an accident. In most instances, car accident injuries call for specialized health care, which by all means is expensive devoid of insurance coverage.

Comprehensive coverage

This option takes care of the non-accident events that may lead to the loss or damage to your vehicle. These events include weather damage and theft. The coverage option pays to repair or replace your car in such incidents.

Collision Coverage

After a collision, this coverage option pays to repair your vehicle. The liability coverage option pays to repair the other party's vehicle if you were at fault.

Personal Liability coverage

This coverage option pays your litigation fee in case an aggrieved party sues you. If the court concludes that you are liable to pay damages, this coverage option pays the determined sum. Legal battles are known to cost individuals an arm and a leg, and this coverage option will come in handy for you.

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Auto Insurance in Minnesota

Looking for the ideal auto insurance coverage in Minnesota? Contact us today, and let's discuss ideal coverage options for you. Try our online rating tool to get a quote on auto insurance.

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